Duetto Galería has more than 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting extra fine quality jewels and precious gemstones. We are located in Bogotá, Colombia’s El Dorado International Airport since 1970. Our passion for precious stones has made us specialist gemologists with main focus on Colombian emeralds, unique in the world for its purity, exclusivity and characteristic color.
Every Duetto Galería’s single emerald is 100% certified as authentic.

We only use finest 18 K gold quality in jewel manufacturing.
Duetto Galería works with expert gem cutters which guarantees exclusive designs, worldwide quality and a delicate care of each of our jewels and precious gemstones.
We can send the jewel, gemstone or precolumbian jewels of your choice anywhere in the world with security and safety.

Colombian Emeralds

Because of its purity and depth of its color, the Colombian emeralds are valued as the world’s most exclusive precious gems.

They come from the Colombian mines of Muzo, Chivor and Coscuez, the Colombia’s Boyacá mined belt. Small towns located in the department of Boyacá, an andean mountain region, where the pre-Columbian indigenes used them to glorify their gods and their chiefs used to wear in special tribal ceremonies.

The emeralds are the premier gems in the Beryl family of stone-rocks. Emeralds have been one of the most valuable jewels on Earth for more than 4.000 years and our Country’s Emerald mines produce the world’s most and best world’s emeralds.

Inspiring jewelry

Duetto Galería is on permanent research and renovation. We are strongly commited to our jewels’ exclusivity in order to make your ocassion an eternal and unforgettable time. From a wedding ring to some beautiful emerald and diamond earrings, we look forward to become theour happiness’ perfect ally. We are able to cut and design your personal precious gemstones and jewels and turn them into unique creations. Just let us know your needs and we’ll give you a professional advice as we have advised customers for decades on identifying, buying and manufacturing 100% authentic jewels. We can send the jewel, gemstone or precolumbian jewels of your choice anywhere in the world with security and safety.




Precolumbian Jewels

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